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What we do

Thorpe Benefits is an integrated benefits and wellness consulting company invested in the greater Toronto business area. Our services address all elements of benefit plan management while offering custom solutions related to wellness education and health promotion. We challenge our clients to directly address the main cost drivers of benefit plans - employee health.


Risk Reduction
Expose and mitigate hidden risks and liabilities. Plan governance is a priority.
Employee Engagement
Communicate directly to employees to enhance plan appreciation and cost accountability.
New Opportunities
Ongoing effort and time investment to educate and deliver new opportunities.


Customized implementation of wellness education and activities - with onsite support.
Leverage owner/leader buy-in with employee wellness committee participation.
Create long term strategies to encourage and sustain wellness momentum and results.

The Ten Questions You Should Be Asking

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How we do it

Our clients depend on specialized advice and counsel.   Although our benefits and wellness services can work independent of one another – it is the integration of the two critical components that produces amazing results.  With our help, clients recognize what is at stake and the responsibility that comes with plan management and appropriate investment in employee wellbeing.


What differentiates Us?

Our experience and services address all elements of benefit plan management – while also advising and delivering custom solutions related to wellness education and health promotion – a first for the insurance industry!  Today, and more importantly in the future, organizations will depend on this multi-level offering.  In fact, we find that organizations who have already embraced this integrated approach have realized a competitive business advantage.

The  Simple Facts

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We're a small, friendly and talented team dedicated to Benefits and Wellness Solutions.


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Stop blaming your employees for being unhealthy. It’s up to you to set a good example.

By Roger Thorpe. Special Edition to the Financial Post. April 22nd, 2015 Fotolia Healthy employees are more creative and energized, …

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March 20

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