Integrated Benefits and Wellness Solutions

What we do

Thorpe Benefits is an integrated benefits and wellness consulting company invested in the greater Toronto business area. Our services address all elements of benefit plan management while offering custom solutions related to wellness education and health promotion. We challenge our clients to directly address the main cost drivers of benefit plans – employee health.


Risk Reduction

Expose and mitigate hidden risks and liabilities. Plan governance is a priority.

Employee Engagement

Communicate directly to employees to enhance plan appreciation and cost accountability.

New Opportunities

Ongoing effort and time investment to educate and deliver new opportunities.



Customized implementation of wellness education and activities – with onsite support.


Leverage owner/leader buy-in with employee wellness committee participation.


Create long term strategies to encourage and sustain wellness momentum and results.

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How we do it

Our clients depend on specialized advice and counsel.   Although our benefits and wellness services can work independent of one another – it is the integration of the two critical components that produces amazing results.  With our help, clients recognize what is at stake and the responsibility that comes with plan management and appropriate investment in employee wellbeing.


What differentiates Us?

Our experience and services address all elements of benefit plan management – while also advising and delivering custom solutions related to wellness education and health promotion – a first for the insurance industry!  Today, and more importantly in the future, organizations will depend on this multi-level offering.  In fact, we find that organizations who have already embraced this integrated approach have realized a competitive business advantage.

The  Simple Facts

  • Dedicated Service

    High staff to client ratio.  Our team has the time to think ahead and pay attention to details.  The mission of everyone on the team is to educate and provide proactive advice.  Communication is on-going – which avoids surprises and corrects mistakes before they become a problem.

  • Specialization

    Knowing a little about a lot does not suffice in the complex world of benefits and wellness.  Our advantage is our focused approach to doing one thing really well.  Organizations recognize what is at stake and demand answers to complex problems.

  • Relationship Building

    Emphasis on employee communication.  A strategy supported by several important tools is implemented.  Messages are consistent and clear.  Accountability and appreciation are enhanced.

  • Forward Thinking

    We have researched and built our own customized wellness programming and curriculum specifically designed to achieve behaviour change.  It’s easy to implement and your employees and bottom line will reflect the value.

  • Transparency

    Full disclosure of commissions and services provided.  An annual service agreement is signed to confirm expectations and to track results.

  • Cost Advantage

    Deep and varied relationships with suppliers.  Strong leverage on price through volume and respectful negotiations.  Emphasis is put on controlling claim utilization through plan design and wellness investments.


Our Team

We’re a small, friendly and talented team dedicated to Benefits and Wellness Solutions.

  • Roger


    Roger believes that energy and effort are the differentiators in life and business. In addition to a love for employee ...

  • Allison-Thorpe Benefits


    Allison’s genuine interest in people and extensive industry experience make her a natural advisor to her clients. She is also ...

  • Pamela

    Team Lead / Client Manager

    Pam has an abundance of group benefit experience having worked at Thorpe Benefits for many years and for a large ...

  • Dawn

    Client Manager

    Dawn entered the Group Benefits industry in 2013 and with years of experience at a large carrier, she appreciates both ...

  • Sina

    Client Manager

    Sina has over 10 years experience in the group benefits industry. Sina’s expertise lies firmly in creating great client relationships. ...

  • Nicole

    Health & Wellness Director

    Nicole comes to Thorpe Benefits as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with 20 years of experience in Curriculum Development. She is ...

  • Reisha

    Wellness Program Manager

    With numerous years of experience working in the health industry, Reisha witnessed many of the challenges faced by employees working ...

  • Sudha

    Administrative Coordinator

    Sudha has extensive experience in administration and with her commitment to excellence, provides well organized and confidential support to the organization. Sudha believes ...


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