Thorpe Wellness starts with a comprehensive assessment, including management interviews and employee surveys, to key on the optimum focus areas and priorities.

Overview Focus Area Assessment

Here’s how Thorpe Wellness gets there:

  • We determine management and employee ‘hot buttons’, learning what’s important and what’s problematic.
  • We illuminate areas that can have the best impact on productivity, job satisfaction, attendance management, and company culture.
  • We determine the best way to encourage engagement with your team and management.
  • We prioritize areas to address both in terms of impact, and to facilitate easy adoption and behavioural change.


Here’s what you might expect:


  1. Organizational Assessment
    We conduct an interview style meeting with your HR team to understand your current situation. This includes company strengths, culture, demographics, communication, technology, facilities, schedules, and challenges. We also look into current and past wellness offerings and policies, and their effectiveness. Following the organizational assessment, we create a tailored draft of the employee survey. This includes your input on additions, deletions or updates.  This provides an opportunity to ask questions of your staff that are unrelated to wellness e.g. regarding benefits satisfaction.
  1. Employee Health and Wellness Needs and Interest Survey
    This online survey for employees has questions about their interests, health practices, stresses, needs, challenges etc. This enables us to:
  • Understand the interests of employees.
  • Allow employees to feel a part of the development of the program.
  • Increase employee buy-in by considering their interests and needs.
  • Determine the health and wellness requirements of employees.
  • Create benchmarks for analyzing employee and organizational progress.


  1. Results and Recommendations Meeting
    We provide and review the results of your assessment phase and the recommendations for your organization.  This gives you guidance for areas needing attention, and prioritization to improve overall company and individual health and wellbeing.