Be Well

Whether you sit behind a desk or stand at a production line, the range of activity you face in a day at work is limited. It probably isn’t enough to help you achieve your wellness goals without giving up precious after-hours time.


Thorpe Benefits has led the way for in-work wellness programs to help you stay alert, toned and engaged while on the job. Both individual and group programs are available to employers dedicated to having a healthy, happy team.


And if you like to head to the gym or yoga or the golf course outside of work, Thorpe can help your company customize the group benefits program to include these options as well.


We often hear from employees that the benefits spending accounts don’t match their needs, expectations or desires. Thorpe can help your company with a progressive, flexible program – with the focus on personal wellness that you want. And we want you to BE WELL.

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Employee Wellness & Benefits Plans

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