Stop the Pain

It’s a competitive and well-informed world. Employees know what to expect from Human Resources, in terms of support, and especially in terms of their benefits programs. If your program is under-delivering to staff expectations, you will have hiring and retention problems, and the bloated costs that come with staying staffed to optimum levels.


And you’ll take a hit to company morale if your team doesn’t think you play on the same side as them.


At Thorpe Benefits, we know what the latest group benefit trends are, and can keep you on top – while managing to your budget. We can help with high-cost pharmaceutical programs, the most flexible spending accounts, and wellness initiatives customized to your employee demographics & expectations.


Our wellness programs can help you increase productivity and job satisfaction levels – tough goals for any HR Manager to achieve. And of course, Thorpe will help you manage to your budget04.04 Together we can STOP THE PAIN.

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Wellness Programs for Human Resources departments

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