“Do you really know… what you don’t know?

Often we have too many priorities and issues to deal with where employee benefits and wellness can often get overlooked or ignored.  After all, the plan does continue to run without us and for the most part employees keep working.  However, mistakes will happen and without paying attention, these mistakes can turn into serious problems unless they are fixed.  Communication with employees is also an on-going requirement.  Educating employees on the program at orientation and beyond is key to avoiding misunderstandings or a lack of appreciation to what is offered.


Proper plan governance becomes so important as your organization grows.  There is far too much at stake not to have someone keeping an eye on things.  So, what we thought might help you, was a list of questions that you should ask to make sure you have addressed the aspects of proper plan management.  You spend a lot of money on benefits so you should maximize the value where possible.


Here are the top 3:


1.      Have you done a thorough analysis of your drug utilization data?  You will find opportunities to better control claim reimbursements and discover where wellness initiatives should be focused.  The answers lie inside the data but you need to take the time to review the details.


2.      Have you completed a plan administration audit?  Checking employee data and proper administration procedures can save you major headaches in the long run.  There are often mistakes discovered that could have turned into a legal liability.


3.      Have you investigated your options related to prevention and health promotion?  The main cost driver of you plan is the health of your employees.  Find out what can be done to slow utilization and improve overall behaviours related to health and wellbeing.


If these questions seem daunting or complicated to you, feel free to ask us for help.  We can walk you through what the question means and how to address the answers.


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