Thorpe Benefits Webinar 11/28/2017

November 20

Many organizations fail to observe whether their benefits plan is producing actual results.

What do we mean by results?

That might seem like a strange question if you only assess the value based on the outcome of the renewal.

If you are starting to lose faith in the impact your plan is making on your relationship with employees – than it’s time to consider how to better maximize real value in the plan.  Cost is really important… but it’s irrelevant if your plan is not delivering on your promise to employees.

This 30 minute webinar will address the following:

  1. →Beyond lower rates – what do great benefits plans look like?
  2. →What is your responsibility to employee health? Where should it end?
  3. →Improving employee appreciation and accountability
  4. →Plan design innovations – latest trends and solutions without bias
  5. →What metrics to measure to see results?  We will share a scorecard.

Okay, we know you want to talk about pricing/cost so we will share:

  1. →Our secrets to better negotiations with carriers
  2. →When to shop your rates – there is a right time!
  3. →New carrier/provider pricing models to consider

Quick observation.  You get a ton of cold calls from other brokers – that all seem to be able to promise lower rates.  You have heard it before and can’t waste your time hearing the same pitch.  For a fresh perspective, join this webinar and take 30 minutes to find out how you should be measuring value and success in your plan – beyond just rates.

Register for this November 28, 2017 lunchtime session by emailing your name and company to: [email protected]



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