What is a corporate workplace wellness consultant?

July 12

Introducing corporate wellness programs is about supporting people’s mental and physical health, creating a great culture, engaging employees and boosting company morale. A well-designed and executed workplace wellness program leads to better productivity, less absence and disability, lower benefit costs and happier employees, all of which is better for your company’s bottom line.

The trouble is, that while many businesses know all of this, they don’t know how to successfully implement a wellness program on their own. Instead multiple wellness “silos” are often introduced without an over-arching big picture wellness strategy.

What do we mean by this? Instead of bringing on a corporate workplace wellness consultant who can create a sustainable and effective wellness plan, a business that wants to introduce wellness may instead, for example, hire a nutritionist to teach a lunch and learn or a personal trainer to introduce a lunchtime exercise program. Or (and this is fairly common), provide a wellness app or step counter to all employees.

The issue with introducing wellness in this manner is that the science of behaviour change, the strategies for maximizing participation and many of the facets of wellbeing (for example financial health) are overlooked. By introducing wellness in bits and pieces with an emphasis on education over action and in many cases to an audience of just 10% of the company, the desired returns are just not there.  Lifestyle behaviours don’t change, morale stays the same and people just aren’t that interested in engaging.

Workplace wellness consultants measure success

What’s missing is the corporate wellness expert who understands how to introduce a program that will actually be adopted by employees and understands how to measure the success of the program. What’s missing is a corporate workplace wellness consultant.

Similar to how a benefits consultant understands how to assess a company’s needs, listen to its concerns and structure an appropriate employee benefits plan using the best available strategies and tools in the marketplace, a corporate workplace wellness consultant offers integrated and independent advice on how to structure and implement a workplace wellness program that actually works.

A corporate workplace wellness consultant assesses your current company culture and needs to create an appropriate wellness program for YOUR business. And, a corporate workplace wellness consultant works with management to get buy-in, knows how best to change behaviours, understands wellness best practices and gets you the greatest value for your money. Investing in a corporate workplace wellness consultant can help you achieve an over 70% participation rate in your workplace wellness program. Learn more about how a corporate workplace wellness consultant can determine your organization’s unique path to wellness.

Want to know how to choose the right corporate workplace wellness consultant for your business? We’ll write about that next month.


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