Benefit fraud and what you can do about it

Will your employee benefits plan cover medical marijuana?

Is a Flex plan right for your business?

is a flex plan right for your business?

Are you supporting employee mental health and wellness?

Supporting employee mental health and wellness

Thorpe Benefits Spring Webinar May 16, 2018

thorpe benefits free webinar

Commission Disclosure – 2 Question Survey is Live!

commission disclosure

When should you shop your rates?

when should you shop your rates?

Thorpe Benefits Webinar 11/28/2017

how to measure success in your benefits plan

Are you communicating the benefits of your benefits plan?

communicating can make a good benefits plan great

Are you getting unbiased benefits advice?

Investing in a benefits package requires unbiased advice

What makes employee benefit packages great?

Employee benefit packages

Best Investments in Employees

Best Investments in employees

Do I really need a Benefits Broker?

Do I need a Benefits Broker?

“This plan sucks… they didn’t pay my claim!”

Employees need communication about their benefits plan

Plan Admin Errors – “Oops, I guess we should have ...

Thorpe Benefits can reduce instances of error in communication

Know Your Exposure to Large Drug Claims

Know your Exposure to large drug claims

The Decision Maker

Thorpe Benefits can facilitate employee discussions

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