Focus Areas

At the core of our programming are Focus Areas where the whole company is engaged in a particular facet of health and wellbeing. These program offerings provide the greatest impact both for increased morale and lifestyle changes. Each focus area has 3-4 weeks of activities and education with a strong emphasis on social engagement and visibility within the organization.

Overview Focus Area Assessment

All of our Focus Areas begin with an inspiring and educational live workshop by one of our amazing wellness
experts who is a specialist in that particular area of wellbeing. Employees are then engaged in education and
activities together related to that topic over the course of several weeks to maximize participation, outcomes
and behaviour change.


In order to fit the needs of an organization, all of our Focus Areas are tailored for our companies in terms of
length, focus, density, activities, communication medium and more. To illustrate how a program is implemented,
at the right is a sample Calendar for Nutrition Fundamentals:


Each of our 20+ Focus Areas are strategically designed in order to achieve defined objectives related to the topic.
Our Focus Areas are listed below, each of them with a unique set of goals and outcomes. For example, here are
the major Outcomes for Financial Wellbeing:

  • Take back control of one’s finances.
  • Reduce stress and overwhelming anxiety caused by personal finances.
  • Prioritize what’s important.
  • Define financial priorities and goals.
  • See money differently.
  • Increase empowerment, confidence and sense of accomplishment over finances.
  • Determine cash flow – identify where one spends their money.
  • Learn tips and tricks to saving money.
  • Identify ways to save money and make a spending reduction plan.
  • Implementing a spending reduction plan.


Wellness Focus Areas

Our approach to wellness is a holistic one, with intensive 3-6 week mini-programs of group and individual
activities, information, engagement, reinforcement and measuring.

  1. Physical
    • Nutrition Fundamentals
    • Body Transformation
    • Gut Health
    • The Appetite Hack
    • Get Moving!
    • Keep Moving
    • Get Fit Challenge
    • Boost your Immunity
    • Disease Prevention
    • Diabetes Discovery
    • Ready to Quit: Smoking Cessation
    • Sleep More!
    • Boost Your Energy
  2. Mental Health
    • Managing Stress #1 & #2
    • Mental Health Support
    • Mindfulness and Meditation
    • Thriving During Stressful Times
    • Building Resilience, Optimism and Happiness
    • Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
  3. Miscellaneous
    • Financial Wellbeing
    • Time Management
    • Reaching your Goals!
  4. Organizational Health Options
    • Healthy Communications
    • Positive Management
    • Thriving Team Dynamics

To illustrate how a Focus Area is implemented, here’s a peek at a sample calendar for Nutrition Fundamentals:

Nutrition Fundamentals - Sample Program


Wellness Workshops

A one-off nutrition or stress seminar/workshop sounds great, but can have limited long-term effectiveness. However, when included in a comprehensive on-going program, these workshops can reinforce the guiding principles, measure retention and change. Thorpe Wellness offers a wide variety of workshops to include in your programming.

Wellness Workshops that Inspire