Use Our Mental Health Support Checklist

September 28

Ideas for implementing some Mental Health support initiatives on Oct 10th or sometime in the fall/winter.



1.    Have managers send notes of specific appreciation to each employee on their team.  Have C-suite           send appreciations to managers.

2.    Have a speaker related to mental health awareness.

3.    Send out information about how to utilize EAP or their benefits related to mental health support.

4.    Invite people to an open discussion about how the company could support mental health.

5.    Have a class or workshop related to any of the proactive strategies for mental health e.g. yoga,                 meditation, mindfulness or exercise.

6.    Have an education session related to Financial Wellbeing, Stress, Time Management or Happiness.

7.    Have a gratitude wall where people can write what they are grateful for.

8.    Have an education session for managers on how to recognize and support mental health.

9.    Do a group guided meditation off of YouTube, Insight Timer or Headspace.

10. Do an assessment to discover whether employees feel that the 13 factors affecting psychological              health are being supported.

11. Do something kind for a colleague or stranger initiative.

12. Run a fun social activity e.g. outing to a baseball game, luncheon, karaoke, line dancing, bowling, hike

13. Run a charity-like activity e.g. pass out hot-chocolate to homeless people, read to senior citizens

14. Let people leave early as a nice treat.

15. Organize a discussion with management about what the organization could do to support mental            health in the workplace.

Be sure to check out our Corporate Mental Health & Wellness Roundtable later this month.

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