“This plan sucks… they didn’t pay my claim!”

September 29

Employees need communication about their benefits plan

You may not have heard your employees say this out loud… but I can guarantee that someone has been thinking it.  

After all you have done to create a competitive benefits plan, employees will still feel like the plan is missing the mark.  Everyone has a claim that is declined and without some level of benefits knowledge we are going to feel sort of cheated by the insurance carrier… not to mention, we may feel like a claim denial is a reflection of our employer being cheap.  We certainly do not want employees to feel this way.

The fact is, you cannot cover everything and you have designed your plan, first and foremost, to “protect” employees from more significant and unexpected health or dental expenses.  But do employees know that?  They need to hear you talk about your benefits plan on a regular basis and to hear an explanation as to why you designed it this way.  How much does it cost the company per employee?  Have costs been rising?  Why?  They need to feel somewhat accountable to the cost of the plan. 

We see lots of great benefits programs that provide very little communication to employees.  That’s the problem you need to deal with.  You need employees that understand and appreciate their benefits… to the extent that they see the plan as an extension of their relationship with you the employer.  

A lot of our clients have used our communications support and tools to improve employee benefits plan appreciation.   A good plan is useless if employees misunderstand it or never hear about it. 

Your plan doesn’t suck by the way, but if you use your benefits booklet as your sole source of communication to employees – employees will think it sucks.  You don’t want that.



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