Treating Employees as Customers Benefits Everyone

December 5

This case study demonstrates why you should treat your employees as customers

Denninger’s Foods of the World is renowned for listening to customers, and bringing to their doorstep the foodstuffs they crave. Denninger’s management team decided to turn this focus inward, to ensure that they were listening to their employees with the same diligence. They also wanted to understand what was driving the cost of their plan and how they could manage this without having to move carriers. They engaged Thorpe Benefits to work with both management and staff to crystallize the value of the benefits program.

Thorpe met with employees individually onsite, for feedback on plan inclusions and flexibility. Like most companies, there was both apathy and confusion surrounding the existing plan. Thorpe took this feedback to Denninger’s leadership team, to clarify employee expectations, and to educate on the variables affecting rates and cost. We provided forecasting to manage budgets, and explored a variety of cost sharing models.

As a result of Denninger’s investment in their employees, the communication level increased, along with employee satisfaction – both with the benefits plan, and the management team that listened to their needs.

And that management team appreciated the transparency of Thorpe’s approach to not hiding service fees in premiums – along with implementing service guarantees and metrics. Add to this that we eliminated the frustration of having to change carriers, and we created a new comfort level of everyone within Denninger’s with their customized benefits program.


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