Wear Tracksuits, yes, Tracksuits to work

June 27

on Tuesdays, we wear tracksuits

The thought of tracksuits often conjure crazy memories from the 70s and 80s. After all, they were a real fashion style statement back then. Fashion sense (or maybe lack there of?) aside, for the last year, our team at Thorpe Benefits has been wearing tracksuits to the office every Tuesday as part of Tracksuit Tuesday.

Why would we do that? Here’s the idea…

Every Tuesday, we spend 20 minutes exercising together. And to do so, we wear comfortable ‘tracksuit like’ clothing for the entire day so that’s it’s easy to get started and then transition back to work. No change of clothes required and no need for a shower.  We warm up, work out, and cool down — sweating is optional but like when the whole team eats a garlicky lunch together, no one notices or cares. And, as an added bonus, we get to wear comfortable tracksuits at the office all day long.

It’s been so much fun, and such a simple wellness activity to integrate into our company culture, that some of our clients are adopting Tracksuit Tuesdays as well.

It’s easy to do and you can do almost any activity that your space and location allows. Think yoga, circuit training, walks around the neighbourhood, stair climbing, stretching or even a hula hoop-off with a cubicle mate. For some employees, the 20 minutes spent exercising on Tracksuit Tuesday may be the most enjoyable exercise they get all week.  They feel amazing after they finish and they then transfer that energy into the rest of their day.  Furthermore, they truly appreciate you, their employer, for giving them the freedom to invest in their personal wellbeing and it shows that you support investing in health.

Showing your employees that you care about them as human beings is crucial in building trust. You get happier, more social, more productive and more appreciative staff. Just by giving the freedom to dress for exercise is an amazing step towards building a culture of wellness. And, it brings the whole company together on what is a wonderful common goal – healthier lifestyles!

And who would complain about waking up and putting on a tracksuit for work instead of a suit? Most people’s moods are immediately elevated by the prospect and it carries throughout the day.

So spread the word!

We brought Tracksuit Tuesday into our office and it has become something that our employees look forward to each week. If you think you’d like to do the same at your business, ask us how. We’ll tell you all about how we introduced the idea to employees, organized the exercises, and how you can document the activities to promote your business as an awesome place to work!


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