Participation. Engagement. Behaviour change. Morale. Thorpe Wellness brings clarity, experience and wisdom to achieve ALL these desired outcomes of an effective wellness program.

Overview Focus Area Assessment

As a strategic wellness consultant, we focus on determining  your organization’s unique path to wellness. Our strategy involves a current organizational assessment, setting the foundation for success, and nurturing program implementation.


How do we do this?


  1. We determine your organizational and staff needs with team interviews and employee surveys, to key on the optimum focus areas and priorities.
  2. We develop a plan to make you wellness-ready. So that all staff including management are onboard and excited to participate.
  3. We are on-site and accessible throughout implementation to ensure program success.
  4. Thoughtful use of the science of behavior change to optimize results.

Most wellness practitioners are subject matter experts in their particular field. In contrast, Thorpe Wellness is multi-disciplinary. We take a strategic approach to determine which areas of wellbeing are most appropriate for you. Then we create a comprehensive multi-disciplinary program to maximize participation, and stimulate engagement. This includes Organizational, Physical and Mental wellness.


We measure behaviour and morale changes to quantify program effectiveness. And we project manage your initiatives from assessment, through design to implementation and follow-up reporting.


A unique tool of Thorpe Wellness is the use of Focus Areas – 3-4 week mini-programs targeting a particular aspect of health. This includes group and individual activities, live education, reinforcement and measurements.

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Project Management

In project managing your wellness initiatives, Thorpe Wellness takes ownership. This means:


  • We obtain both management and employee buy-in, before the program begins.
  • We structure a program to address the optimum focus areas for your organization.
  • We work with you to address – and reformulate – your company culture to support wellbeing.
  • Our thoughtful approach is long-term, not a one-off Band-Aid. In order to support continued well-being, we prioritize and plan ongoing comprehensive programming to effect change where it will have the biggest impact on the business and employees.
  • We include the right amount of information to effect change, without being a burden on employee time.
  • We layer social and individual learning opportunities and interaction, to balance how different people learn, and maximize participation.
  • We plan, schedule, budget, work with your team where appropriate, to map out the current and future initiatives.
  • We are visible, accessible, do the heavy lifting, and stick with you throughout to ensure dynamic adaptation for program success.


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